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You’ll never dread working with small items again! This clamp’s ratchet jaws open up to four inches and are cushioned to protect the clamped item. Plus, a quick-release trigger makes adjustments a breeze. Great for holding together parts of bridge and tower structures. Features tough nylon construction.


This water-soluble, opaque acrylic paint brushes easily and covers rapidly. It cleans up easily with water but is permanent when dry. Its convenient thinning and fast-drying characteristics make it particularly desirable for wood, metal, paper, or canvas. Contains eighteen 1/2-ounce jars. Colors: Avocado, Medium Blue, Gold, Sandalwood, Parrot Green, Shocking Pink, Beige, Brown, Black, Purple, Brick Red, Orange, White, Lilac, Vanilla, Yellow, Cadet Blue, and Red.


Low-density polyethylene pellets for use in injection molding machines. There are 25 pounds of pellets in one five-gallon can with carrying handle.


144 craft brushes, sizes 1-6.


Five nylon and natural-bristle paintbrushes in assorted sizes and shapes are designed especially for decorative and craft painting. Suitable for all mediums and ideal for acrylics.


Afinia Premium ABS Filament is designed to the extruding specification of the H-Series 3-D printer. The supports and raft break easily away from your model, leaving a fine finish while keeping high-dimensional tolerances. This filament works with the H-Series and other legacy Afinia printers. Includes two 500 g rolls.

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Afinia Premium PLA Filament has been designed specifically for the H-Series 3-D printer, with the most important feature being the 200°-210°C extrusion temperature.

Third party-manufactured PLA filaments do not print consistently and have issues with brittleness, nozzle clogging, and bridging or spider webbing that can leave users disappointed with the results. Afinia Premium PLA Filament has been engineered to mitigate these common issues and give a great printing experience. Some of the advantages include:

  • No preheating of the platform required. The H-Series platform quickly heats to a low 50°C, which is the platform temperature for printing PLA.
  • Reduced warping, lifting, or curling of models. Afinia’s Premium PLA Filament has a reduced thermal expansion coefficient from ABS, which means the PLA layers are less likely to shrink after printing.
  • Less odor. Compared to ABS, Afinia’s PLA has reduced odor and a pleasant, sweet smell like pancakes.


With a ridged barrel and ergonomic design, this spring-loaded eraser is easy to handle. Includes two erasers. Latex-, PVC-, and phthalate-free.


When students build their own Sky Eagle Plane, a rubber motor plane, they are encouraged to learn about the science principles of gravity, lift, drag, potential and kinetic energies, and more.

After students construct the balsa wood frame, cover it with the printed paper cover, and add the motor and propeller, it’s time for some classroom fun. Wind it up and let it fly outside or in the gymnasium. Students can experiment with the tabs and number of motor winds to learn how different variables affect the flight.

Requires foam board or cardboard, tape, pins, glue stick, white or CA glue, and a hobby knife, sold separately.


The best cartridges available for launching dragsters. Consistent quality ensures the fairest races. Also, each of these cartridges features a safety seal that guards against rupture when exposed to excessive heat. You might locate a cheaper cartridge, but when it comes to consistency, quality, and safety, our cartridges are the best choice.

Pitsco CO2 Cartridges vs Others

No comparison, period!

Pitsco is the exclusive educational distributor of the safest, most reliable, and most consistent 4-gram and 8-gram CO2 cartridges. Safety is built into each cartridge by the patented safety seal. This seal automatically releases excess pressure if the internal pressure rises due to the cartridge being heated or pressurized.

You could purchase inferior, less costly CO2 cartridges, but not from Pitsco. We are very concerned about the safety of students and teachers alike and provide only the safest CO2 cartridges on the market. If it doesn’t say “Pitsco” on the box, then you’re not using the safest cartridges available.

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Use this self-lubricating material for axles. Lighter weight and less friction mean faster speeds. Comes in two-foot lengths. Cut axles to desired lengths using the Precision Metal Saw.


Quick-reference handouts illustrate and identify each of the line types used in technical drawings.

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