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The perfect pack for the dedicated drafting student! Using tools and materials from the Introduction to Drafting Package, your student will use the included texts to learn to do orthographic, isometric, and perspective drawings as well as rendering. Plus, he or she will be introduced to a logical approach to green living and green construction methods.

Includes the following items:

  • Architectural Perspective and Rendering
  • Architectural Styles
  • Green Architecture: Living, Design, and Construction
  • Complete-A-Sketch 123 Software


Based on contemporary building techniques, these kits consist of a series of interconnecting modular components that permit you to design, build, and modify multiple structures.

ARCKIT 60 is ideal for creating smaller structures, student projects, interior designs, and home extensions and for learning the basics. This is also a great gift for budding architects.

ARCKIT 120 is perfect for light professional use and versatile enough to create a range of structures.

ARCKIT 240 is the pro’s choice: large enough to create a diverse range of structures of varying sizes with enough components to really explore designs and ideas.

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This pack only includes books because all you need to pull off these fun activities is paper, cardboard, and everyday materials from around the house.

Easy on the purse strings, the experiments cover dozens of concepts such as understanding friction, specifications, structure integrity, graphing, recycling, composites, air pressure, measurement, and more.

Includes the following items:

  • Engineering Activities with Paper and Cardboard
  • More Engineering Activities with Paper and Cardboard
  • Thinking Like an Engineer
  • More Thinking Like an Engineer
  • Even More Thinking Like an Engineer


When your child has completed Introduction to Drafting Package, this pack is the next logical move. Using the tools and supplies from the earlier package, we’ve added a 12" scale and four more texts to help lead drafting students to the next level of skill.

The workbooks cover different types of drawings, advanced dimensioning, concepts of mechanical drafting, more print reading, and exams.

Pack includes the following items:

  • 12" Hollow Aluminum Scale (silver)
  • Print Reading for Drafting & Engineering Drawing
  • Answer Key
  • Instructional Workbook for Drafting Level II
  • Instructional Workbook for Drafting Level II Instructor’s Guide
  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Drafting


Two in one! The True Scale House Framing Kit is unique in that you can build it with either a gable or a hipped roof. Whichever roof style is selected, students learn about:

  • Dimensioning the lumber to the scale of real lumber used in construction.
  • Reading house plan drawings.
  • Using construction techniques in accordance with the International Building Code.
  • Construction terminology.
  • Attention to detail.

The framing kit is for a home featuring a standard, two-bedroom layout. Includes the house plans (12 sheets), balsa wood lumber, architect scale, pins, Lumberjack Cutter, foam base, glue, sandpaper, and instructions that cover both roof builds. Also requires a hammer, needle-nose pliers, waxed paper, and masking tape, sold separately.

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